Bespoke training

We offer a comprehensive service of digital education experiences. Whether you are looking for online training courses, live workshops, remote webinars or written guidance, get in touch to find out how we can help to inspire your organisation.

We deliver a four-phase training approach to help organisations achieve their goals.

  1. Information and guidance
    Develop online resources, internal policy, and digital guidance to cover the basics and be there for reference later.
  2. Self-directed courses
    Provide online training courses on key topics to help learners advance their knowledge and skills.
  3. Practical application
    Run online workshops with case studies so learners can begin applying these new skills in practice.
  4. Mentorship
    Ongoing expert advice from keynote speakers and digital champions so learners can get help if the real world turns out to be a bit more complex.

Contact us to discuss your training needs and how we can support you and your team.